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  • "I used the Aloe healing mask & saw great results!"

  • "The Extreme Growth Oil actually works! my edges came back & my hair is more full"

  • "I loveee this hair oil!"

  • "I used the oil on with the LOC method & it worked great!"

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Extreme growth oil

Grow your natural hair guaranteed with our all natural hair growth oil. Made with love!

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YRC Naturals only uses organic & all natural products. Only from the Earth!

All natural growth oil

Grow your natural hair with our Extreme growth oil! also can be used as a sealant nt to lock in moisture!

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We are the Best

Our products, service & quality is unmatched!

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    We provide the best quality natural hair care products, thats provide your hair with the care it needs!

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    Positivity is our main ingredient in our products.

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    YRCnaturals produces the best quality hair care products, that actually help your hair!

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    All of our products have been tested to prove they work!